Abby Olsen

This is what comes to mind these days when I think of my yoga practice. Throughout almost 10 years of practicing, 5 of those as a teacher, my practice has continuously evolved. When I started it was all about the physical; as I continued I couldn’t ignore the mental benefits I was also receiving (most notably stress management and reduction of stress at work). Practicing through pregnancy #1 and postpartum, I learned to be kind to myself and accept my ever-changing body, which helped me to adapt to pregnancy #2.

I learn something every time I walk into that room, be it about myself, about the teacher that day, about other students (one of my favorite things is to sit in the lobby before and after class and chat with other students) or about life in general. I love the yoga, as it does so much for me physically and mentally, but just as important I love the continuously developing and evolving community at the studio and I thank all of you for being a part of it.