Beth Joselyn


My first yoga class was in the basement of a professors wife’s home in 1989.

I was Intrigued immediately- but the discipline came slow to maintain.

In October of 2004 I walked into Bikram yoga Minneapolis- and my life forever changed.

I found the yoga that spoke to me. It honestly changed my trajectory on practice,discipline and life.

Since that day, I have continued to be curious, amazed and grateful  by this 26/2 prescription for a happy strong  life!

Along the way, I became a kid yoga teacher a studio owner, and an elementary school teacher - where I infuse movement and mindfulness into daily classroom transitions all day long.

Movement is Life!

Every time I have said yes to yoga it has given back 10fold.

Teaching is a way to honor, serve, and share the love that yoga un binds by moving and grooving to the beat of our own heart - IN Community!