Glenn Bottomly

My very first class at Martha's and Eric's Minneapolis Yoga studio more than 11 years ago set me on a path of learning more about my health and myself. The beautiful thing about this studio is that everyone is equal. There is no competition. There is no race. There is no comparison. There is just you. Your mat. A mirror. And the voice of a skilled and compassionate teacher guiding you through each part of the class. It's always challenging, but it is always worth it. Give it your all during class and this yoga will give it all back to you after class. Every teacher Martha and Eric has ever had at their studio always displayed tremendous devotion, energy, passion, and thoughtfulness. I always have come to this studio for peace, friendship, the yoga, the teachers, AND for everything I continue to learn every day. 

For me, the combination of chiropractic care, weight resistance training, a vegan diet, and this style of therapeutic hot yoga have brought me to a level of physical strength, well-being, and postural skill that I could never imagine not enjoying this style of yoga. Whenever I practice, I feel alive, vibrant, at peace, calm, and ready for whatever life throws my way. Whenever I don’t practice, I feel sluggish, dull, tight, and more at risk for re-injury. It truly does change lives. I know, because it changed mine. 

Thus, in 2018 I decided to take the leap to become a certified teacher. Not only has that journey deepened my personal yoga practice, it has inspired me to recognize the incredible responsibility and opportunity to help other students progress with their own practice to improve their own health and lives. The teachers who have stood on the Minneapolis Yoga podium before me have inspired and challenged me. My goal is to continue that tradition to help others do the same.