Megan Gohlke

I took my first Bikram yoga class in 2008. Although I had been practicing other forms of yoga sporadically for over 10 years I had yet to see any changes in my flexibility. I was strong and fit but not even a little bit flexible. At first I stubbornly kept to my usual routine of running and kickboxing and practiced only a couple of times a month. I knew something was happening because when I would get in my car after class my posture was so improved that I would have to adjust all my mirrors before driving home!

The following year I moved to New York. My engagement had ended, the job I had lined up had fallen through, and I was a mess. I started practicing four times a week. Class was a guaranteed 90 minute refuge from my worries. I saw more changes in that first month than I had in the previous year. Suddenly I realized that this was something I needed in my life full time. After a few months of practicing regularly I had a fitness test and found that my cardio capacity had improved more in that time that it had the year before with my running and kickboxing routine. The next couple of years I experienced many little victories — touching my toes, learning how to lock my knee, not wanting to swear profusely in the long setup for triangle. It’s a journey that continues and never gets boring. Along the way I’ve had too many amazing teachers to count — so many people who inspired me and pushed me and believed in me. I attended the spring 2013 training in Los Angeles and subsequently moved to the Twin Cities to begin teaching. I am continually grateful for the strong yoga community here and all the adventures in the hot room!