You will feel welcomed at our studio! Right away, when you arrive, you will notice smiles and lots of yogis and yoginis ready to get their sweat on.

It feels like a family-operated studio because it is! We take pride in knowing we offer a very friendly environment to practice in, while offering certified Bikram yoga classes that keep true to the founder’s methodology. We are also proud of our great staff. If you ever want to learn more about how to get the most out of your Bikram yoga practice, ask any one of our teachers, and they will have many ideas to get you closer to your goals.

Another great feature of this studio is the green efforts we champion. We are located directly on the Midtown Greenway cycling trail. Roll or walk in — detox your body in a class and help detox the planet! Green-friendly students who bike in can enjoy a free mat rental.

We have been 100% wind powered since 2008, we have used all no-VOC paints, 40% reused materials in our build out, and the HVAC system has a heat recovery ventilation system that allows for maximum fresh air but also conserves the heat use greatly.